Robb Havassy

Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, Chile

RoBB Havassy, LAndscape

by Sector 9

The Havassy Eco/Art sandal line is one in a long list of unique ways RH has mixed art and life…Havassy’s “artist series” of skateboards with Sector 9 has been one of the most popular editions in the legendary skate brands history.
The new “Havassy Art model” surfboard with Robert August surfboards is one of the most simple, beautiful and versatile waveriding vehicles ever. The basic model is a 5 ft. 8 in., by 20 in. wide hybrid, “rocket fish” inspired, hand-shaped beauty…The “Cola-Cola colored” model features a “fire-engine red” resin tint and a white hand-painted Havassy signature Sun/SOL, which wraps from bottom to top…No less than 6 artisans collaborated to produce each and every one of these…”I think one of the coolest and most beautiful single features on the board is the mahogany/resin tinted tail block…it’s one of the keys to why this the modern swallowtail is so amazing.”
“The goal in creating this shape was to make the ‘ultimate’ wave riding machine…a board that you could rip and flow on mushy slow waves, could handle some juice and a more powerful wave, as well as riding the tube like a dream.”
“To say that we succeeded is an understatement…this board is all that and more…The decision for those who’ve purchased this collector’s item is whether to put it on the wall or surf on it. As a literal piece of art it works both ways, but in my opinion it’s made to surf…It’s pretty much all I ride anymore, and after having one of the greatest tube-riding sessions of my life earlier this year at Witch’s Rock, by myself on it, I don’t really need to ride anything else…

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